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The 'Narnia NHS'

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Western Morning News December 2018

Each successive generation introduces new words to their vocabulary, often making the language they speak impenetrable to their parents. So let’s begin with a vocabulary test to see how ‘woke’ you are. If you are ‘woke’, you will also almost certainly understand the meaning of the word ‘snowflake’. This term is used to describe oversensitive young adults who are ...

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Western Morning News September 12th 2019

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Westerm Morning News 20th October 2018

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Western Morning News April 13th 2018

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Western Morning News Feb 9th 2018

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Western Morning News December 18 2017

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Crisis, What Crisis?

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It’s a black alert, a humanitarian crisis, a major incident, exceptional measures are demanded. Where in the world could this be? Syria? Sudan? Or perhaps a terrorist attack in a major European city? No, it’s just a normal working day at your local hospital in January. No one, even those of us who have served the NHS for a long time (38 years for me) have witnessed anything quite like ...

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The Era of Stupidity

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Debate should be based on facts, not hearsay or ideology

I am normally a good sleeper. But twice this year I have awoken from a peaceful slumber into a nightmare about clowns; it’s always clowns. In one of my nightmares I am a passenger on a plane where the pilot dies and a professional clown with a terrible comb-over and absolutely no experien...

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