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Westerm Morning News 20th October 2018

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Western Morning News April 13th 2018

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Western Morning News Feb 9th 2018

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Western Morning News December 18 2017

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Crisis, What Crisis?

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It’s a black alert, a humanitarian crisis, a major incident, exceptional measures are demanded. Where in the world could this be? Syria? Sudan? Or perhaps a terrorist attack in a major European city? No, it’s just a normal working day at your local hospital in January. No one, even those of us who have served the NHS for a long time (38 years for me) have witnessed anything quite like ...

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The Era of Stupidity

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Debate should be based on facts, not hearsay or ideology

I am normally a good sleeper. But twice this year I have awoken from a peaceful slumber into a nightmare about clowns; it’s always clowns. In one of my nightmares I am a passenger on a plane where the pilot dies and a professional clown with a terrible comb-over and absolutely no experien...

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Western Morning News 6th September 2016

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Brexit and The NHS

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Today I was introduced to someone extraordinary: a newly recruited nurse who is not from continental Europe, but from the UK - Taunton to be more precise. In the hospital where I work 20% of the registered nurses are from overseas, the majority from the European Union (EU). Chatter in the common room is a mongrel mix of Spanish, Italian, Greek and even Catalonian. To help them communicate with our local population I hav...

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Safe Cycling

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According to a recent European study, I am one of the 4%; I do it every day (well, almost every day). If you never do it, you are amongst the majority of UK residents (69%). In Holland the picture is strikingly different, 27% do it every day and only 13% never do it. I am referring to cycling, of course. But why on earth would anyone want to cycle on West Country roads? Well, I’ll tell you why I do it.

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