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Western Morning News 6th September 2016

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Brexit and The NHS

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Today I was introduced to someone extraordinary: a newly recruited nurse who is not from continental Europe, but from the UK - Taunton to be more precise. In the hospital where I work 20% of the registered nurses are from overseas, the majority from the European Union (EU). Chatter in the common room is a mongrel mix of Spanish, Italian, Greek and even Catalonian. To help them communicate with our local population I hav...

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Safe Cycling

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According to a recent European study, I am one of the 4%; I do it every day (well, almost every day). If you never do it, you are amongst the majority of UK residents (69%). In Holland the picture is strikingly different, 27% do it every day and only 13% never do it. I am referring to cycling, of course. But why on earth would anyone want to cycle on West Country roads? Well, I’ll tell you why I do it.

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Pacemaker battery scandal BMJ 4th Feb 2016

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Western Morning News 17th December 2015

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Perfect storm brewing as NHS struggles against 22bn 'cut'

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The government seems to be dismantling our treasured health service

There is never a good time to be sick, but if that is your destiny, I suggest you do it sooner rather than later. Why? Because there is a perfect storm brewing and if your illness is bad enough to need admission to hospital, there is every chance you will get caught up in it. Firstl...

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Statues of Exeter

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In the 21st century it is time to carve a new name with pride

If you ignore the saintly carvings on the cathedral wall, you can count the number of statues in Exeter on the fingers of a deformed hand. Yet one member of this elite group and possibly the most prominent figure isn’t even an Exeter man. I pass Redvers (pronounced Reevers) Buller almost ev...

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Fight the good fight

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What is it about cancer? Hardly a week goes by without a newspaper headline telling us that some celebrity has ‘lost their brave fight’ against it. We are encouraged to raise money to finance ‘the war against cancer’ helping researchers ‘battling’ to find cures. It seems almost impossible to use the word ‘cancer’ without linking it to a military metaphor, but when did this...

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Private practice is unethical and doctors should give it up BMJ 5th May 2015

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Opposition from the medical profession to my BMJ article seems to take two forms; firstly (and most commonly) there are those who believe it is perfectly possible to behave ethically in private practice. They almost all accept that...

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