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Referral Mismanagement Centres (Dirty DART) BMJ 22nd Nov 2013

Posted on November 22, 2013 at 9:45 AM


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Reply Mrs Muriel Barrett.t
11:34 PM on March 18, 2017 
i read in the western morning news 25th Feb.2017, your article on "shift wealth from older to younger people". I didn't know who you were,, so I looked on here and found out about you. this is not nasty, but an answer to your article. You are lucky to be still working at gone 60, when I got to 59 they called me in the office and said , sorry to release you but we are going to get an younger person in, anyway you have worked for this firm for over 20 yrs. and I was retired. I get a small pension from my firm £149 per month. but I also get my state pension. just had an increase now getting £142 a week. I still have to eat and do mundane tasks. like council tax yes I do get a 25%discount a single persons discount, now that I am widowed. its not a lot but some. I still have electric,gas,telephone,bills. Now you say we can go to the cinema, yes but only on certain days, and generally not a top class film, the last time I went it was a B/W film. quite interesting, but not really my thing. yes I do have a bus pass, its a god-send , I am able to travel around and am able to visit my friends in east devon. it takes all day to get there, but as long as I can stay overnight, its excellent.
I wonder will you give up your fantastic wage and hand it over to the so called poor young, that I see frequent the pubs,clubs, spend over £100 yes I did watch 2 students cough up this on a pair of shoes... A neighbour of mine used to work for the NHS, he gets a new car every 2 yrs I think it is. he was like you in a highly paid job.
And please don't say go and get a part-time job, because its not that simple , us oldies are not wanted in the modern structure of jobs these days, and not only that, I should lose my 25% council tax benefit. Oh and by the way, I don't get any reductions if I want work done on the house, and I don't dare say I am living on my own. as the builders etc., rip off people left right and center, if they realise you are a senior citizen living on your own. I know this for a fact, it has happened to me.
Reply ★ Owner
10:22 AM on March 29, 2017 
Dear Mrs Barrett,
Thank you for taking the trouble to write. This piece has caused more outrage than anything I have written before, but my point was not "scrap the old age pension" it was "scrap the old age pension for those who don't need it (like me) and give more to the most deserving". The fact remains that the old are getting richer while the young are getting poorer. But that does not mean to say that all young people are poor and all old people are rich. My view is that this imbalance needs to be addressed.
Best wishes
John Dean